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11   /   10 /   2023

This TruckStop project just outside the vibrant city of Mutare is a thoughtfully designed space is a testament to the fusion of functionality and cultural inspiration.


The restaurant boasts both indoor and outdoor seating, with a unique bar-like setup overlooking the dynamic kitchen. Step into the indoor areas, where African-inspired interior design creates an immersive and inviting atmosphere.


The lodging options are tailored to suit various preferences. The shared accommodations feature a shared bathroom between two bedrooms and a communal courtyard shared among four bedrooms, fostering a sense of community. For those seeking a more private experience, there are single lodgings that offer a small, personal garden.

This TruckStop isn't just a rest area; it's an immersive experience that caters to the diverse needs of truckers on the road. Join us on this journey where design meets practicality, ensuring every stopover is not just a pause but a memorable experience. Explore the details of our TruckStop design - a harmonious blend of comfort and cultural richness.

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