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04   /   10   /   2023

This house is situated in the charming locale of Fernvalley in Mutare, this project embodies a harmonious blend of simplicity, grandeur, and vibrant living spaces. This architectural concept aims to create a timeless yet dynamic living environment that seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings.

From the exterior, this design embraces a monochrome chic aesthetic. A one-story black and white façade exudes a sense of timelessness and understated beauty. Clean lines, minimalist detailing, and large windows establish a connection between the interior and the lush outdoor landscape.

Vibrant Interiors Upon stepping inside, the Residence surprises and delights with vibrant interior spaces. We've carefully curated a color palette featuring lush green, opulent gold, and playful pink, infusing each room with energy and character. These colors are strategically employed to create focal points, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall atmosphere.

The heart of this residence lies in its open plan kitchen and dining area. Here, residents and guests can gather, share meals, and create unforgettable memories. A spacious pantry ensures that culinary adventures are always within reach.

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